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Felony Flee

K-9 "Ray" barks as suspect, Chase Forcier (right) is taken into custody by Chico Police, Butte County Sheriff Alternative Custody Supervisor Unit and CHP search property along Zanella Way for a suspect who fled CHP officer making a traffic stop Thursday, June 27, 2013 in Chico, Calif. CHP officer make a traffic stop for a cell phone while driving violation. Attempting to detain three individuals in the vehicle, one suspect, Chase Forcier, fled from arrest. Other units were called in to set up a perimeter to search for the suspect. Chico Police K-9 "Ray" was called in for the search and the suspect Forcier was located in a trailer behind a business along 2500 Zanella Way. Forcier was a passenger in the vehicle, who had a felony warrant (4532-b1) for felony escape. The driver of the toyota pickup truck was a parolee and the passenger had no criminal issue that police were aware of at the time. Needles and a smoking pipe were found in the vehicle. The Chico Police K-9 Ray's retirement is tomorrow.
(Jason Halley/Chico Enterprise-Record)